Husband Plants 6,000 Trees To Honor Deceased Wife, 15 Years Later Photos Reveal His True Motive

Howard Howes has done a very romantic and heart-touching action towards his wife who passed away. He loved his wife very much and they could not live together happily.

His wife died 17 years ago and he decided to plant thousands of hectares of oak saplings for his wife. If you look at these saplings from above, you would understand that he planted them in the shape of a heart and dedicates this to his wife.

This place is located near the house on the Howes farm. No one knew this until Andy Collect discovered it. He was in love with balloons and one day when he was flying near the farm he saw the amazing sight of a big heart formed by oak saplings.

This was wonderful and may be one of the most romantic dedications you may have ever seen. This was the idea of the 70-year-old who said that he loved his wife very much. His wife Janet died 17 years ago and he decided to make a gift for her, on the grounds of their home, which the couple loved very much.

“I think this will honor my wife and she deserves it. We lived together for many years and I received a lot of love from her. Always when I’m near the saplings, I remember those moments and I’m filled with breath.” Howes has a large farm of 112 hectares and planted thousands of trees for his wife Janet whom he married in 1962.

Janet died at the age of 50 due to heart health problems. Howes says that he has seen this image that Andy discovered five years ago. He was also enjoying of flying balloons. Their love story is very beautiful.

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