Hotel Manager Tried To Overcharge An Elderly Couple. The Elderly’s Response Made Him Regret

In a charming tale of wit and assertiveness, an elderly couple embarked on a long car journey to visit family. After nearly eleven hours of relentless driving, exhaustion crept in, and they decided to halt for a brief respite. Their intention was to rest for a mere four hours before resuming their journey.

Upon checking out of the hotel four hours later, the couple was presented with a bill that staggered them – a hefty sum of $350.00. Astonished and somewhat irate, the man confronted the desk clerk, expressing his disbelief at the exorbitant charge. He argued that while the hotel was undoubtedly nice, it couldn’t justify a $350.00 price tag for a mere four-hour stay.

In response, the clerk calmly informed him that $350.00 was the established standard rate. Unyielding in his quest for fairness, the man insisted on speaking with the hotel manager.

The manager soon arrived, lending a sympathetic ear to the couple’s grievances. However, the manager then elucidated the hotel’s offerings, including an Olympic-sized pool and a sprawling conference center, all available for their use. The manager further highlighted the hotel’s prestigious shows, featuring top-notch entertainers from New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas.

The husband, resolute in his stance, reiterated that they had refrained from utilizing any of these amenities. The manager’s response remained consistent: “But they were at your disposal, and you had the opportunity to enjoy them.”

Exhausting every possible avenue, the husband eventually conceded to pay the bill. However, since he lacked the checkbook, he turned to his wife, requesting her to write the check. To the manager’s astonishment, the check was made out for only $50.00. Puzzled, he queried, “Ma’am, this is only for $50.00.”

With a twinkle in her eye and a clever retort, the wife calmly replied, “That’s correct. I’m charging you $300.00 for the privilege of sleeping with me.” The manager, flabbergasted, exclaimed, “But I didn’t!” To which the wife, with a playful smirk, delivered her final blow, “Well, too bad, I was here, and you could have.”

This story serves as a humorous reminder that senior citizens, often underestimated, possess a wisdom and cleverness born from a lifetime of experiences. They certainly didn’t reach their golden years by being naive or easily swayed.

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