Grayson Arroyo-Smiley, Son of Michelle Arroyo and RHOC Star Slade Smiley, Dies at 22 After Battle With Brain Cancer

Grayson Arroyo-Smiley passed away last month. He died at the age of 22 due to brain cancer. His whole family is shocked because he died so young. Michelle Arroyo and RHOC Star Slade Smiley’s son lost his battle with brain cancer on February 5th.

Unfortunately, his family heard the news of the disease in 2006. They did not think that they would face such a great loss. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and struggled to live for many years. But recently his illness worsened and he could not survive. According to the doctors, this was a premature death. His heart stopped beating and he left leaving behind many loved ones.

He recently shared on Instagram with his fans that the recovery was going well. He looked happy. His mother reacted in a post on social media, writing that they have been fighting for several months to return her son’s health to normal. She feared that the low potassium level would damage Arroyo’s heart.

But unfortunately his heart stopped after a while. He left her at the hospital and returned home with his family. The situation began to deteriorate and his health weakened a lot. They have spent a large part of their lives in hospitals. They also suspected an infection. Michelle Arroyo says that it has been very difficult for her, but after the loss of her beloved son, their life has become more difficult and empty. They knew that this day would come, but they had hopes that everything would be fine. For them, he was a very special person who taught them more about will and strength.

The family is now going through the most difficult moments because a beloved and wonderful man has died for them. “He was the most positive person I have ever known. I am lucky to be his sister. Even though he was going through a difficult period, he danced and tried to be happy.” “He taught us many things during his journey. God knew that Grayson Arroyo-Smiley would light up the minds and hearts of many people. We will miss him very much.” Ross writes.

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