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In class one day, the teacher decided to engage the students by playing a fruit guessing game. She pulled out a bag filled with various fruits and began describing them one by one. Little Johnny was eager to participate and raised his hand eagerly.

The teacher, however, chose Deborah to answer the first question. Describing a round, plump, and red fruit, the teacher expected an answer related to an apple. Deborah confidently responded with “apple,” but the teacher corrected her, revealing it was actually a beet. Nonetheless, the teacher appreciated Deborah’s thinking.

Moving on to the next fruit, the teacher described it as soft, fuzzy, and featuring red and brown colors. Johnny couldn’t contain his excitement and jumped up and down, hoping to catch the teacher’s attention. But it was Billy who got called upon, and he guessed “peach.” The teacher replied, “No, it’s a potato, but I like your thinking.”

The anticipation grew as the teacher introduced the next fruit, which was described as long, yellow, and fairly hard. Johnny’s hand continued to wave frantically, but the teacher chose Sally, who confidently said, “A banana.” Disappointingly, the teacher corrected her, revealing it was a squash, but commended her thinking nonetheless.

Johnny had reached his limit of patience and spoke up loudly. He proposed a fruit of his own, declaring it to be round, hard, and featuring a head. The teacher was taken aback and cried out, calling it disgusting. However, Johnny revealed that his answer was actually a quarter, showcasing his clever thinking. The teacher couldn’t help but appreciate his response, acknowledging his cleverness.

Although the game didn’t go exactly as expected, it became a memorable and amusing moment in the classroom, highlighting the different perspectives and creative thinking of the students, particularly Johnny, who managed to surprise everyone with his unconventional answer.

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