Florida Woman Gives Birth To Very Rare Identical Twins With Down Syndrome

Out of 1000 births, 33 of them are twins, so it is a very rare thing. But the chances of giving birth to identical twins are even lower. Only 3 or 4 births out of 1000 are births of twins who are identical.

Savannah Combs is a mother who found out she was having twins and was very excited about it.

Later, she found out that her babies had another thing that was very rare, they had Down Syndrome. 

Savannah and her husband were going to welcome their babies into this world but couldn’t hide the fact that they were afraid of the fact that some people might judge their babies in the course of their life. 

Savannah has a TikTok account where she has shared her journey with the pregnancy and her happiness.

She named her daughters Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman who was born on May 12 of 2021. 

In her TikTok account, Savannah shared with her followers the news that many doctors advised them to abort the babies but she and her husband were determined to fight till the end and bring the little angels to this world.

The babies were born two months before their determined due date when Savannah was only 29 weeks. For this reason, they did not go home immediately.

Giving birth to two identical twins who have a rare condition like Down Syndrome is a very unique thing. It only happens once in 2 million births.

Savannah has received some negative comments in some of her posts. There are people who said to her that she should have aborted them.

But Savannah stays strong and is well determined and happy with her choice. 

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