Fans Worry Simon Cowell Had a ‘Stroke’ Seeing His Latest Video Months After He Lost His Voice on Show

Simon Cowell, the media mogul, has faced a series of health challenges in recent times, leaving fans concerned about his well-being. It all began when Cowell returned as a judge on “American Idol” for its 18th season in May 2023. During filming, he experienced a throat obstruction, leading to a visit to the doctor, who discovered acid damage to his vocal cords. This forced him into immediate vocal rest, leaving him unable to communicate properly during “AGT,” much to his frustration.

Unfortunately, the vocal problem recurred during the “Britain’s Got Talent” grand final in June, causing further concern. During the show, Cowell struggled to speak, alarming viewers and contestants alike.

The situation escalated on August 10, 2023, when Cowell posted a video on Instagram congratulating One Direction for reaching 1 billion streams on Spotify. Instead of celebrating their achievement, his followers couldn’t help but notice his appearance and began speculating about his health. Comments suggesting he had suffered a stroke, undergone a bad Botox job, or even looked like a corpse flooded his post. Some even claimed to have found information online about his alleged death, causing confusion and panic on Twitter.

Adding to his health woes, Cowell had previously suffered an arm injury in a 2022 electric bike accident. Despite describing his recovery as painful and admitting to being unfit before the accident, he expressed his love for cycling and his determination to continue riding, thankfully avoiding the need for surgery.

In a later health update, Cowell assured everyone that he was fine, attributing the accident to a “stupid” mistake and expressing his relief that it didn’t result in more severe injuries. Despite the challenges, he remained committed to his passion for cycling, emphasizing that walking was the most boring thing in the world during his recovery.


Simon Cowell’s recent health issues, combined with the speculation surrounding his appearance in the Instagram video, have left fans worried about his overall well-being. It’s clear that Cowell has faced significant challenges on his road to recovery, but he remains determined to overcome them and continue pursuing his passions.

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