Dralin Carswell Arrested for DUI After 3-Mile Car Chase With Girlfriend, Honey Boo Boo, In The Vehicle

Dralin Carswell, the boyfriend of Alana Thompson was arrested after a 3-mile car chase. He was arrested for driving under the influence this week. Honey Boo Boo was in the car, but she wasn’t charged with a crime. She is only a witness in the case.

The police officers ran the tag of the vehicle at a gas station. They tried to perform a traffic stop, but Carswell led them on a car chase.

Carswell’s vehicle spun out of control after the police successfully completed a precision immobilization technique maneuver.

Dralin Carswell has been charged with several crimes, including fleeing, speeding, DUI, failing to maintain lanes, and following too closely. He was released from jail after a $25.000 bond was paid.

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