Dozens of Farmers Finish Harvest For Neighbor Who Had Heart Attack After Trying To Extinguish Farm Fire

In a heartwarming tale of community solidarity, Lane Unhjem, a North Dakota farmer, faced a severe heart attack while battling a combine fire during his crop harvest in September 2020. This unfortunate incident left his crops unharvested, posing a significant personal and financial loss to his family.

However, the farming community rallied behind him, embodying the adage “you reap what you sow.” Approximately 40 to 50 neighboring farmers from the Crosby region joined forces to harvest Unhjem’s 1,000 acres of crops in under seven hours, setting aside their own harvests to help a friend in need.

The story quickly gained global attention, with online users worldwide applauding the selfless act of these farmers. Family friend Jenna Binde emphasized the strong sense of community, stating, “You help your neighbor out when they need it, and don’t expect anything in return.”

Don Anderson, another friend, explained the swift response, saying, “Now that Lane’s health is being taken care of, it came time for his friends and neighbors to spring into action.” Their efforts were awe-inspiring, with a dozen combines and various other harvest-related equipment converging on Unhjem’s farmstead to complete the task.

Social media played a crucial role in spreading the story, with people from Kansas to South Africa praising the spirit of neighborly support. Samantha Coates, Unhjem’s daughter, expressed her gratitude on Facebook, sharing photos and thanking the community for their incredible support.

After 108 days in the hospital, Unhjem received a heart and kidney transplant from a perfect match donor, a moment that brought immense joy to his family. He continued his recovery, with regular check-ups to monitor his heart and kidney functions.

This heartwarming narrative serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of community bonds and the willingness of individuals to come together in times of adversity. It exemplifies the age-old principle of neighbors helping neighbors, and it’s a testament to the goodness that can be found in people when they unite for a common cause.

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