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Dolly Parton Says She Won’t Work Anymore For A Special Reason

Dolly Parton is one of the famous artists who took the stage at a very young age. We can say that she is very obsessed with her appearance. Her family and friends have the same opinion. She is always ready to wait for anything that might happen. She is from Tennessee and her life has always been full of music and art.

The well-known singer is always dressed beautifully and has adapted to the different scenes where she has sung. She wore very attractive clothes that helped her look as beautiful as possible during her performance. Her makeup is also very attractive because it makes the singer look much younger.
Dolly has shared with her fans news that has worried everyone.

The well-known singer has been singing and writing successful songs for many years. But while her fans were preparing for the appearance of Dolly, she gave the news that no one expected. She stopped her tour and gave this news in her interview for Pollstar.

She said that she would not do a full tour, but would give shows in different places, without any specific program. Her dream was to have fun, but now she wants to spend more time with Carl Thomas, her husband.

He is an important person to the singer and the couple is in love even after 50 years of marriage. They met when Dolly was 18 and Carl was 21.

Their relationship was very beautiful and started immediately. Carl was sure of his love for Dolly and said that he wanted to marry her.

Their marriage took place in a private place and they wanted it to be kept away from people and the media. They wanted to celebrate their love with each other and with their families. In her interview, Dolly said that now she wants to stay at home with her husband.

The tour requires a lot of time and energy, and she wants to dedicate this energy to her husband. He needs her and Dolly needs Carl too. Now is the time for them to dedicate themselves to each other.

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