Doctors Carry Out C-Section Emergency, In Panic When Baby’s Face Starts To Change

Jennie Wilklow from New York couldn’t wait to meet the joy of her life as she was ready to bring him into the world.

It was her first pregnancy, and after he came into the world, she saw the scary look on the doctor’s face.

They took the baby behind the curtain and she knew something was wrong. The doctors didn’t know how to deal with her condition.

She was born with harlequin ichthyosis, a rare condition that causes to form thick plates of skin around the body.

Baby’s skin hardened within seconds and began to split, causing wounds in her body.

The mother, Jennie asked for her baby, but the husband didn’t answer. His silence scared me, Jennie said.

Recorded cases of this condition barely made it through childhood, because they found it hard to breathe and eat.

The couple wasn’t ready to give up on their bundle of joy, even after the doctors said the little girl was not gonna make it.

After each couple of hours, I bathed her and covered her with Vaseline. She could only have fleece pajamas as clothing.

Her mother opened an account on Instagram for her little girl named harlequin-diva and posts her experience and brings awareness to everyone who suffers from Harlequin Ichthyosis.

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