Doctors Ask Husband To ‘Pull The Cord’ But He Refuses: Now Millions Are Inspired By Jovanna’s Journey

A horrifying mass shooting during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, left the nation in shock. The assailant opened fire on the large crowd, resulting in the tragic loss of 48 lives and injuries to 851 individuals. Among the wounded was Jovanna Calzadillas, a 30-year-old mother of two.

Jovanna’s situation was dire; she had sustained a gunshot wound to the head, and her chances of survival appeared bleak, according to medical professionals. Her husband, Francisco ‘Frank’ Calzadillas, who had been with her during the shooting, faced an agonizing decision. The doctors suggested he consider disconnecting life support, given the slim odds of her recovery. However, Frank couldn’t fathom a life without his wife, and he clung to hope.

One night, a dream changed everything for Frank. In this dream, Jovanna appeared to him and reassured him that “everything will be fine.” This profound dream strengthened his resolve never to give up on his wife. He informed the medical team of his decision not to “pull the cord,” and his faith and intuition proved to be well-founded.

To the astonishment of the medical staff, Jovanna awakened just days later.

Frank, a police officer with the Salt River Police Department in Arizona, shared, “Her gunshot injury was difficult, but we prayed and hoped, and then she woke up.”

Jovanna’s road to recovery was long and demanding, but her determination to fight extended beyond herself; she fought for her husband and children too. The memories of the tragic event haunted her, but she endeavored to move forward.

Today, Jovanna openly shares her emotions and strives to lead a normal life. She acknowledges that part of her changed forever that fateful night, but she is determined to return even stronger. She declared, “I will fight for them,” referring to her family, and asserted, “I will not stop believing in myself.”

Her inspiring words resonate with other victims of similar tragedies. Jovanna refuses to let fear prevail, emphasizing that they will not allow individuals like the shooter to win. She has become a symbol of resilience, demonstrating that any obstacle can be overcome on the path to a normal life.

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