Dirty Joke: His Wife Was Taking Lessons

In the story, a doctor and his wife are depicted enjoying various activities together. During a game of golf, the wife impresses with a remarkable tee shot, leading the doctor to exclaim his surprise. She attributes her improved skill to taking lessons. The pattern continues when they play tennis, where her outstanding performance again draws the doctor’s awe, and she repeats her explanation of taking lessons.

Later on, at home, the wife serves a flawless meal of Beef Wellington, which the doctor praises. Yet again, she credits her newfound culinary expertise to taking lessons. As the evening progresses, they share an intimate moment, which the doctor finds extremely satisfying. However, immediately after expressing his satisfaction, he shocks his wife by stating he wants a divorce.

The story humorously plays on the doctor’s shock at his wife’s sudden excellence in various areas, with her response always being that she took lessons. This builds up the anticipation for the punchline, where his unexpected declaration of wanting a divorce takes the story in an unexpected direction. The abruptness of his statement contrasts with the gradual buildup of the story, creating a surprising and comedic twist.

Overall, the story presents a lighthearted exploration of marital dynamics and unexpected turns in relationships, using humor to highlight the husband’s reaction to his wife’s newfound skills and her enigmatic lessons.

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