Dad Rushes Girlfriend To Give Birth To Quintuplets, Finds Out It’s All A Huge Lie

Father-to-be Paul Servat was very excited and nervous when he sent his girlfriend Barbara to the hospital on her delivery day.

He was not just expecting his first child, he was expecting five! His girlfriend’s stomach was ready to burst.

He met the midwife but she told him that he had been the victim of a cruel lie. My girlfriend let me choose the names. I lost everything I had, my whole life.

Paul met his girlfriend online and they started their loving relationship very soon. After two months, Barbara said that she was pregnant.

Firstly she told him that she had twins, then three, four and lastly five children!

He couldn’t wait to start his new life as a father. He prepared a room with five beds and was waiting to welcome five new souls.

Everything was replaced by utter shock. The midwife told him there were no babies at all. Barbara underwent an examination to find out what was going wrong.

This is beyond comprehension. This was a condition known as phantom pregnancy, where you feel everything like being actually pregnant.

We hope Paul finds happiness!

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