Dad Finds Goodbye Letter From 16y Old Daughter, Starts Bawling After Reading The Last Line

As a parent, you will always feel responsible for your children, and it doesn’t matter how old they get. You will always be worried for them and celebrate their achievements. Your child is your child and no one can change that.

No one can say that raising a child is a simple task. Your child’s teenage years are the most difficult. Hormones, school, responsibility, and more.

This dad found how stressful it was when he read a note that his daughter left. He was down in the dumps after his favorite football team had lost. He went to his daughter’s room to take her for ice cream, but she wasn’t there. 

He was panicking because hadn’t heard her leaving home. While he was there, noticed a letter on her bed with her handwriting on it.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m sorry to tell you everything like this but I’m with my new boyfriend and I have found true love. I love his big motorcycle, sexy scars, cool tattoos, and piercings. But this is not the only thing. We are expecting a child and I’m three months pregnant already. 

He wants more children and we are going to live in his trailer. I can’t wait, we are going to get married next week! We are also growing plants at our trailer. So we can win enough to find a cure for herpes, and he can get better.

Do not worry about money. His friend has found me a job as an actress and it can pay pretty well. I can make up to 50 dollars per take, and if there are three men or more at one scene, I get an additional 50 dollars. Do not worry about anything, I can take care of myself.

Next time I’m coming, you will get your grandchildren in my arms. Love you, Anna

Dad, this is not true, I’m just at Emma’s house watching some TV. Just wanted to tell you that there are worse things that can happen than The Patriots losing to The Eagles. See you later.

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