Cindy Williams, Star of ‘Laverne & Shirley,’ Has Died At 75

The famous actress Cindy Williams died at the age of 75. Famous people have sent their condolences to the family of Williams, who passed away on January 25, this Wednesday. The famous actress shined in the role of Shirley Feeney in the series Laverne & Shirley. Ron Howard is also saddened by the death of his friend.

Her children express their sadness for the great loss of their mother. “She was a loving and cheerful woman. Our mother always spread positivity and her loss has caused great pain in our hearts.” Her friends have also reacted by saying that they were saddened by the loss of a wonderful man. “She was a unique woman with a beautiful soul. Cindy had a wonderful sense of humor.”

She was also recognized for her role in Laverne and Shirley alongside Marshall. The series ended after eight seasons. She and Marshall had a lot of chemistry during the show. She left the show because she was expecting her first child.

Williams wanted time to rest and take care of her child. She also fought with Marshall at the end of the show. Williams spoke in 2018 about Marshall’s death.

“She was a unique and amazing woman.” Everyone remembers Laverne & Shirley, which was an important part of the actress’ career.

Her colleagues were saddened by Cindy’s death and one of them is Ron Howard, with whom she collaborated in the film American Graffiti. This film received six Golden Globe nominations. Another film where Ron and Cindy starred together is The Conversation (1974) and Trips with my aunt (1972).
“It was shocking to hear of Cindy’s death. I couldn’t believe this. I remember the moments when she was very energetic and full of life.” Those were Ron’s words.

The actor shared some important moments of his and Candy’s friendship. He revealed how she had learned to kiss in her role in American Graffiti. “We have been together on different projects for a long time. I would also remember our role in American Graffiti when she was 24 years old and I was 18. She was talented and managed to play successfully in different roles and films.

Henry Winkler sent his condolences to the Williams family. “Cindy has been my friend and we have been part of “Happy Days” together. She was always smiling and energetic. When I talked to her, I was filled with positivity and never got bored. She was truly a kind woman.

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