Chumlee From Pawn Stars Arrested And Facing Many Years In Prison

Lately, there is news that Chumlee will accept the accusations made against him. It seems that he will plead guilty to crimes such as transporting drugs, using weapons without permission, etc.

Austin Lee Russell, otherwise known as the Pawn Stars performer, will face these charges and must go to court. He has admitted the guilt and stated that he has marijuana. In addition, the police have confessed that Russell has admitted that he also used weapons without a permit.

These accusations are very strong and it is thought that it will cost Russell a lot. In addition to marijuana, it is suspected that he hid or used other substances such as methamphetamine. The police recently raided Russell’s house to arrest him.

Another crime that is also being investigated is sexual assault. But he later paid $62,000 and was released. But for other crimes, he can be sentenced to imprisonment starting from 2 years.

However, Russell’s lawyer thinks that this incident will be fixed and justice will decide this. Although he was not convicted of a sexual crime, he is accused of carrying 19 weapons without a permit and of consuming narcotics such as marijuana.

He always took part in big parties where he had fun and is suspected of having consumed drugs. These accusations have been sent to the court and it is expected that the judges will make the right decision. However, so far it can be said that Russell has accepted some of the charges.

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