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Chrissy Lampkin Gives Update On 18-Year Relationship With Jim Jones

One of the favorite couples of the public and the media at the same time is Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin. Both have made an important contribution to the world of Love and Hip Hop. This is how they count the steps toward success in their career.

The girlfriend of Jim Jones, Chrissy Lampkin.

WH1 would write about Jimmy’s life and his shows. Something was not understood and new feelings had arisen behind the scenes. So both of them provided several shows based on their love. His relationship and romance with Chrissy had helped them climb the ladder of their careers next to each other. They often attribute their success to each other. The dynamics of their relationship attracted everyone’s attention.

Although their relationship was very strong, they waited a long time to make things official. Jim Jones seemed to be taking his time making the big move. Chrissy seems to be looking forward to getting together and making her relationship official with Jim.

Chrissy asked for his support and expressed her great love for Jim Jones.

By this, she meant the continuation of her relationship with Jim. But he didn’t expect Chrissy to ask him to marry her. Jim at this moment said, “I am with you”. However, he was going to propose but had saved it for their trip to Miami.

Chrissy was criticized a lot for her proposal. Many people expected her to get down on one knee during the proposal. Jones was also criticized for delaying the proposal. Everyone thought that there was something wrong here.

Their relationship was ready to go to another level. Marriage was not a priority for Chrissy and she admitted this in the series The Real. She feels very good with her partner and they have been together for 18 years.

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