Chip Gaines Remembers The Terrifying Moment With His Son When He Understood The Cost Of Fame

Chip Gaines has confessed something very important about his life. In his latest book, Gaines talked about fame and its consequences. He has shown how difficult it is for him to protect the work he has built for so many years.

In his book, Gaines writes that fame had taken a lot from his life. This is difficult for him and sometimes it is also sad. Now he realizes that a large part of his life has been spent at work trying to preserve all the name and fame he had built.

Gaines recounts an incident that stuck in his mind. When he and his family were in a flea market that they visited regularly. Duke, his son was walking next to him, but in a moment he saw that Duke was walking some meters away.

At this moment, a big crowd of people gathered to meet him. This was not something beautiful at all, sometimes even tiring. It didn’t take long and many people who admired his work and wanted autographs and photographs came around him.

This event greatly influenced Gaines’ way of thinking. He admits that now he has decided to live life differently. He wants to be happy with his wife and five children. “At that moment I did not understand what was happening. I just wanted my son to be happy.

A huge crowd of people surrounded me and I didn’t understand where my son was.” According to him, this is a big cost that fame brings. Gaines always wanted to be a good father. These situations have changed his life. However, he decided to take his time to dedicate himself to his family, to return to Discovery+ later.

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