Child Star Austin Majors Known For ‘NYPD Blue’ Dead At 27 Years Old

He had just started his acting career. Child actor Austin Majors passed away this Saturday. His fans were very sad because he died at a very young age. The actor is known for his role in the show NYPD Blue. His family is experiencing a difficult period due to the loss of their loved one.

Death always saddens us, but the death of children is even more painful.
His family was very hurt after the death of the young actor. They have informed friends and fans of Austin that he passed away. For his family, he will always be a loving and wonderful child.

His parents released a statement announcing Austin’s death. “He was a wonderful child and he wanted to be an actor. We wanted to see him happy and be with him. Austin was very happy when he got the first role. He started his acting career early, but ended it very quickly.” his parents said.

“Austin went on to Salutatorian High School. He was an active child and wanted to become a successful actor. After graduating high school, he attended USC’s School of Motion Picture Arts. He loved directing.” His family is very sad and will have a hard time coping with Austin’s death.

The statement also talked about Austin’s relationship with his sister. “She loved Austin very much and enjoyed being with him on set. They were close friends. Austin was a caring brother and we will always be proud of him. We will always miss him.”
Besides NYPD Blue, he took part in other shows, where we can mention, “How I Met Your Mother” in 2009. But his role in the character Theo Sipowicz won everyone’s attention.

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