Cher’s Secrets To Staying Healthy And Insanely Fit At 76

Today, Cher is 76 years old and is promoting the M.A.C cosmetics line together with Saweetie. She has achieved success in business for a long time. The media are talking about her appearance, which has changed a lot.

But not everyone liked Cher’s new look. In addition to being a successful woman in business, she is also a well-known singer and actress. In an interview, she talked about her appearance without forgetting to mention the cosmetic brand she is promoting.

“Grey hair is for young girls,” says Cher. She has changed her hair color many times over the years. The singer of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” has often shown that it is her hobby to change her appearance. Cher has shown several times that she does not like gray hair. In addition to different hair colors, she has often changed her hairstyle.

The singer has also spoken about the use of wigs. She is happy with her appearance and has admitted that she really likes the wigs she uses. “Wigs are easier to maintain and with them, it is easier for me to change my appearance.” For beauty, it is very important. That’s why she often tries to advertise the beauty products he uses. “Never stop being a girl,” said Cher to all her followers.

According to her, self-care helps girls not to age quickly. Cher has shown that the use of beauty products has a certain age. According to her, girls should continue to dress up and have fun. In 2017, Cher started paying proper attention to her skin. She has shown that her favorite products are those of Dr. Barbara Sturm, products from Jan Marini, and the Proactiv line.

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