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Camilla Spat Out Her Tea At Prince Harry’s Suggestion For Meghan And King Charles Meeting

The royal family has had a complicated relationship with Meghan and Harry. This led to the couple withdrawing from royal duties and moving to California. Recently, other news about Meghan and Harry has been circulating. Also, there is news about the meeting with King Charles.

After the death of the queen, the couple was talked about for the harmony shown during the ceremony. Also, mainly Meghan talked about the news that surprised everyone. Meghan is said to have asked King Charles for an appointment. After their departure to America, things were not the same as before.

Many things changed and the relationship between the king and Prince Harry seemed to have cracked. But after the death of the kings, the news about the construction of communication bridges between them may be true.

We can say that the successive events caused even more problems between the couple and the royal family. One of these is Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

King Charles

Sources acknowledge the fact that things can be improved. However, a lot of work is still needed for this.

A step can be taken by Meghan who has requested a meeting with King Charles.

Fortunately, the king did not give any reaction or answer about this issue. Her intentions are clear. She wanted to reduce bloodshed and establish peace in the family. Meghan seems to be clear about this. It was even suggested to establish an intermediary during their communication.

King Charles

This surprised Camilla a lot and made her not welcome this news. Before the couple met the Queen, the couple met Charles. He wanted to know everything that would be discussed with the king, and that’s why he organized this discussion.

Harry’s withdrawal from royal duties was his choice. This made him not benefit from the family wealth and also not responsible for various duties of the royal family.

King Charles

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