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Boy Hands Poor Widowed Mom a Secret Box and Says, “Dad Told Me You Should Open This If We Need Help”

This is an inspiring story and gives everyone a strong message about family and caring. A father left his son a secret box to give to his mother if she needed it. The son took care of the box even after his father’s death. The woman named Kathleen was young and had lost her husband only 4 years ago. Her life after the death of her husband became more difficult. They had many loans to pay and many debts to pay off.

Secret box

Before the death of her husband, they had bought a house where they lived together with their son. They paid rent every month and were very happy. Although the economic difficulties or the large loans they had to pay made them sad sometimes, they tried to have a good time with each other. But after the death of her husband, Kathleen and her son Robert lived together.

Secret box

The boy’s life changed a lot after the loss of his father. His mother was sad and drank almost every night. He was scared and sad about his mother’s condition. One day he even found his mother crying and next to her was an empty wine bottle. So Robert went to help his mother and advised her not to drink anymore. But she did not take this well and attacked him. His mother was very hurt.

That’s why Robert decided to go to school without discussing more with his mother. The woman realized that it was not Robert’s fault at all and asked him for forgiveness. Everything had changed for them now. Robert also wanted his mother to be happy. She told Robert how proud she was of him.
She would like to make her son happy and give him a better life.

At that moment he took out the secret box from his closet and gave it to his mother.

This box was left to him by his father before he died. He had ordered it to be given to his mother when they needed help. Kathleen was surprised and looked inside the box. There was an envelope with 15,000 dollars and a letter from her husband.

In the letter, he wrote that he would miss his family. He also wrote that he would give this box to Robert because he would open it at the right moment. “I love you very much, forever yours, Simon”. Kathleen was very touched by these words and hugged her son a lot. The mother immediately proposed to her son that they go on a trip, but he advised her to pay the bills first.

Secret box

So they decided to pay the bills and debts they had. But Kathleen realized that the writing on the paper did not resemble Simon’s handwriting but her son’s handwriting. After many questions, Robert finally told the truth. He had been working part-time to earn money. The mother was touched and started to cry. Kathleen thanked her son from the bottom of her heart and told him that she was proud and that she would never thank him enough for the sacrifice he had made.

After that, Robert’s mother started working in the company where Robert also worked. After some time, mother and son bought a small house where they could live together. Then they traveled for a few days to Europe and enjoyed it a lot. Every person should help his family and be near his parents or children when they are in need. Good things are always rewarded with kindness.

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