Bombshell Actress Looks Unrecognizable In New Documentary

We can all admit that Pamela Anderson is a name that will go down in human history. It is not only her name, but her career, as she is considered as one of the world’s gorgeous women and actresses.

Now as a 55 years old, the fans are surprised about how different she looks like. We can all remember her platinum blond hair, her beautiful face and her acting skills.

The well-known Hollywood star Pamela Anderson is now 55 years old.

She has shared a new picture on her social media accounts where she is seen topless while sitting on a beach and staring at the ocean.

In the caption, she says that she misses the sunshine she gets in California or on the French Rivera. She appeared wearing only a necklace and a hat.

Recently Pamela has been reposting a lot of old photos of her. Many are viewing this as political activism. Many relate it with that one picture she shared of herself holding a sign while n biking, asking to get Donald Trump’s attention. 

In that sign, Anderson asked to set free her friend Julian Assange. The two had a close relationship. Assange was charged with computer intrusion for cracking an important and classified password of the U.S Government.

Anderson says that Assange and she have a special connection. Assange is not close to anyone apart from Pamela. 

But apart from the political activism, most of the throwbacks that Pamela often shares are only for fun and a way to remind the world of her good looks throughout the years.

Recently, she has gotten a lot of attention after the “Pan and Tommy” series. You can see her new documentary below.

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