Blake Shelton Almost Quit The Voice Before Season 23

Known for his participation in The Voice, Blake Shelton declares that this season will be his last. According to his latest statement, the 23rd season of The Voice will be the last in which he will participate. He made this known on Tuesday on Instagram, thanking all the people who support him. Everyone is used to seeing Blake Shelton in the judge’s chair on The Voice. This show will not be the same without him.

After leaving “The Voice” he became a participant in the NBC hit. Everyone fell in love with Shelton during the biggest show of new talents in music. He was a wonderful coach and managed to win The Voice cup nine times.

Recently, Shelton has informed his fans about his departure from the show in the theater. Also, the performance on NBC was the last for the singer. He announced to his fans that he decided to quit “The Voice” after season 23. In the same post, he thanked his followers and supporters who stayed close to him throughout this journey.

“This is an important moment for me. I spent a long time in this show and it feels like home. In this long journey, I realized that the end of my experience was coming.” he said.
He continued to stay on the show until his stay officially ended. The singer of “God’s Country” admitted that he had been thinking about this departure for some time.

“I had to be sure and clear. After the pandemic, my ideas were clearer, but I didn’t want to leave my friends in a difficult time. This show has influenced my life a lot. For me this will always be a unique experience”.

Even Shelton’s wife, Gwen Stefani, has commented on his departure. She said that she supports her husband in this decision.

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