Bertha Visits Her BFF From Beyond The Grave With Some Disturbing News

The heartwarming joke about lifelong friends, Bertha and Betty, takes us through a humorous exchange that transcends even death. These two 90-year-old women shared a friendship that had spanned their entire lives. When Bertha’s health began to decline, Betty faithfully visited her friend every day, providing comfort and companionship.

During one of their visits, Betty made a heartfelt request. She asked Bertha to let her know if there was women’s softball in heaven since they had both cherished the sport throughout their lives. Bertha, on her deathbed, promised to fulfill this wish if it was within her power.

Shortly after Bertha’s passing, Betty experienced a surreal and unexpected encounter. She was awakened from a deep slumber by a blinding flash of white light and a familiar voice calling her name. It was Bertha, communicating from beyond the grave.

Betty, still in disbelief, questioned the voice’s authenticity. But Bertha persisted, assuring Betty that it was indeed her. She revealed that she was in heaven and had both good and bad news to share.

The good news was nothing short of paradise. In heaven, there was women’s softball, all their friends who had passed away before them were there, they were young again, the weather was eternally perfect, and they could play softball without ever growing tired. It was a dream come true.

Overjoyed by this heavenly revelation, Betty eagerly asked for the bad news, fearing it couldn’t possibly be as wonderful as the good news.

Bertha’s response delivered the punchline: “You’re pitching Tuesday.”

This light-hearted joke reminds us of the enduring bond between friends and the lengths they would go to fulfill each other’s wishes, even from the afterlife. It’s a humorous take on the idea that true friendship knows no bounds, not even the boundary between life and death.

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