Amy Schumer Opens Up About Son Being Hospitalized With RSV Ahead of Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Amy Schumer has informed her followers through social media that something terrible has happened in her family, a few days before “Saturday Night Live.” Her son was hospitalized with RSV and his health condition is not good.

Amy loved this show very much. This is the third time she would direct “Saturday Night Live”. Well, this time something different happened which ruined all her plans. Her three-year-old son was immediately sent to the emergency room due to health problems.

There, the doctors informed her that her son had been infected by the respiratory syncytial virus.

This forced Amy not to go to the rehearsals of the show. She announced on Instagram on Sunday that she had not been able to participate in the rehearsals of the show due to her son’s health condition. This is not a rare virus.

Children in this period find it more difficult to protect themselves from this virus. The disease caused by a respiratory syncytial virus can be fatal if not treated properly.

Amy tells her followers that the boy was not well and she should stay close these days. She also added that after the weekend, her son feels better and is at home.

She gave birth to Gene David by cesarean section due to problems with the female reproductive system. She is happy that the people she loved stayed by her side during this period.

As for the show, Amy felt very happy that she had the opportunity to direct this show that she loved so much. She was very close to the cast and can’t wait to get back on stage. This week has been busy for Amy. Her son had breathing problems and for a moment she forgot everything else and went with Gene David to the emergency room.

Usually, in this season, children are more sensitive to viruses. Therefore, Amy called on all mothers to be careful with their children.

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