After Dog Gets Hit By Car, Sign Has The Entire Neighborhood Talking

A man was heartbroken after his dog was accidentally killed by a speeding driver in his neighborhood. In an attempt to prevent future incidents, he put up a sign in his yard that threatened drivers who were speeding through the area. The sign read, “We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down. If you hit 1 of my kids, your family may be burying you.”

The photo of the sign was shared on Reddit and quickly went viral. Many readers applauded the man for taking a stand on the issue of safety in residential areas. They also expressed their frustration with drivers who recklessly speed through neighborhoods, endangering the lives of children and pets.

However, some readers criticized the dog’s owners for allowing their pet to roam free and not keeping it on a leash or in a fenced yard. They argued that the responsibility for keeping pets and children safe ultimately falls on the owners, rather than on drivers who may be traveling too quickly through residential areas.

Despite the mixed reactions, the sign served as a powerful reminder of the importance of safe driving and responsible pet ownership.

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