Actress Loni Anderson 77 YO Is Looking Glamorous As Always Defying Age

Loni Anderson the bombshell and America’s sex symbol is looking glamorous today. She is America’s sweetheart since her role as the sexy receptionist Jennifer Marlowe in Cincinnati helped her earn three Golden Globes and two Emmy Nominations. 

She was in many beauty contests representing her hometown at Miss Minnesota. She was married when she was 18 YO and had a daughter, but divorced two years later. 

She was married to Ross Bickell and moved to L.A. to find a job as an actress. She had some minor roles until the role of Marlowe which brought her fame.

Loni married two more times but her last marriage helped her to find true love. They live in California now. 

She turned 77 this year and is still looking great. She says that it is all to her healthy lifestyle and her diet, which consists of mostly vegetables, fruits, and regular exercise. 

She is a grandmother now. She has a daughter that was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Loni is her biggest support. 

We wish Loni Anderson a happy life!

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