A Young Man Met A Beautiful Girl

Once upon a time, a young man met a stunning young lady and agreed to spend the night with her in exchange for $500. They did just that. As he prepared to leave the next morning, he realized he didn’t have cash on hand. Instead, he promised to have his secretary write a check, titling it “RENT FOR APARTMENT.”

As he headed to his office, he began to regret his hasty promise, thinking that the whole experience wasn’t worth the price. So, he instructed his secretary to send a check for only $250 and attached a note. In the note, he explained that he was only sending half the agreed amount because he had assumed several things about the apartment.

He thought it had never been occupied before, that it had sufficient heating, and that it was cozy and compact. However, his experience the previous night had shattered these assumptions. Upon receiving the check and the note, the young lady promptly sent the $250 check back to him along with her own note. In her note, she expressed her bewilderment at his expectation of an unoccupied beautiful apartment.

She clarified that there was indeed heating, provided one knew how to operate it. She also pointed out that the apartment was of standard size, and if it seemed empty, the responsibility lay with him for not furnishing it adequately.

And so, this humorous tale reminds us that assumptions can lead to misunderstandings. What one person views as an empty, cold, and spacious apartment might be seen quite differently by someone else. It also teaches us to be careful with promises, as they may come back to haunt us in unexpected ways.

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