A Rancher’s Wife Tells The Ranch Hand To Remove Her Clothing Immediately

Working on a ranch can be a demanding and challenging job. Long hours, unpredictable weather, and the physical labor involved make it a profession that not everyone is cut out for. This humorous joke tells the story of a man who, despite not fitting the typical ranch hand stereotype, manages to secure a job on a ranch and performs exceptionally well until a humorous twist takes place.

The joke begins with the death of a successful rancher who leaves everything to his devoted and attractive wife. However, she knows little about ranching and decides to place an ad in the newspaper to hire a ranch hand to help her. Two cowboys apply for the job: one is gay, and the other is a heavy drinker.

After careful consideration, the widow chooses the gay cowboy, believing it’s safer to have him around than a drunkard. The hired hand proves to be a diligent and knowledgeable worker, and together, they make the ranch prosper.

One day, the widow decides to reward the hired hand for his excellent work and suggests he go into town and enjoy himself. He agrees and heads to town for a night out. As the night progresses, the hours tick away, and he doesn’t return until 2:30 in the morning.

Upon his return, he finds the rancher’s widow waiting for him by the fireplace, sipping wine. She asks him to unbutton her blouse, which he does nervously. She then instructs him to remove her boots, socks, skirt, and bra, all while he complies with trembling hands.

Finally, when she’s nearly undressed, she looks at him and says, “If you ever wear my clothes into town again, you’re fired.”

This joke takes a surprising and amusing turn, highlighting the importance of clear communication and the potential for misunderstandings in humorous fashion.

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