A Newlywed Couple Returned From Their Honeymoon

Upon their return from their honeymoon, the young bride couldn’t wait to share her post-wedding experiences with her mother, who lived a couple of hours away. Eager to hear about the newlyweds’ adventures, the mother asked, “How did everything go?” With a mix of enthusiasm and concern in her voice, the bride began to recount her honeymoon tale.

“Oh, mother,” she started, “the honeymoon was absolutely wonderful! It was so romantic, and we had a terrific time.” Her initial excitement quickly gave way to distress as she continued, “But, Mother, on our way back home, something terrible happened. Andy, my new husband, started using really horrible language. Stuff I’d never heard before, really terrible four-letter words.”

Worried for her daughter, the mother offered her support, saying, “You’ve got to come get me and take me home. Please, Mother!” The young bride’s voice quivered with anxiety as she pleaded over the telephone. The mother, trying to understand the gravity of the situation, asked, “But, honey, what four-letter words did he use?” Overcome with emotion, the bride hesitated before replying, “I can’t tell you, mother; they’re too awful! Come get me, please!”

The mother, determined to help her daughter, gently insisted, “Darling, you must tell me what has gotten you so upset. Tell mother what four-letter words he used.” Still sobbing, the bride finally divulged, “Mother, words like dust, wash, iron, cook.” The story humorously concludes with the bride’s innocent misunderstanding of her husband’s words, which were actually related to household chores.

Instead of vulgar language, she had been distressed by the mundane tasks of daily life that awaited her as a newlywed. The miscommunication between the generations adds a lighthearted twist to the tale, emphasizing the importance of clear communication in any relationship, especially a newlywed one.

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