A Newly Married Couple Are In Bed

In this humorous tale, we encounter a newly married couple who find themselves in an amusing situation. While lying in bed, the man curiously asks his wife how many men she has slept with before him. However, his innocent inquiry is met with complete silence from his wife, leaving him feeling a bit uneasy.

Undeterred, the man tries again, urging his wife to share the information with him, assuring her that it’s alright and that they should be able to trust each other. But to his surprise, his wife remains silent, staring up at the ceiling as if lost in her thoughts.

Feeling guilty for unintentionally upsetting her, the man apologizes, hoping to ease the tension. Still, his wife remains mute, not offering any response to his attempts at reconciliation.

Realizing that the conversation might not lead anywhere, the man decides to change tactics. He tries to express his love and affection for his wife by hugging and kissing her, hoping that his actions will mend whatever discomfort his question may have caused.

As he showers her with affection, something seems to snap within his wife. She suddenly comes back to reality, stops gazing at the ceiling, and looks directly at her husband, clearly irritated.

With a touch of humor and annoyance, she exclaims, “Damn it! You made me lose count!” The unexpected response leaves the man taken aback, probably not expecting such a witty retort.

The story is a lighthearted take on the common curiosity some partners might have about each other’s past relationships. It humorously portrays the age-old scenario where someone asks about their partner’s past, but the answer turns out to be more than expected.

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