A Lawyer Married a Woman

A lawyer found himself in an unusual situation when he married a woman who had gone through ten divorces before. Their wedding night took an unexpected turn when the woman claimed to still be a virgin and asked for gentleness. Confused, the lawyer questioned her about how she could still be a virgin after so many marriages.

She humorously recounted her past husbands’ quirks and shortcomings, each representing different professions.

Husband #1, a sales representative, hyped up the experience.

Husband #2, in software services, promised to investigate but never figured it out.

Husband #3, from field services, failed to make the system work.

Husband #4, in telemarketing, couldn’t commit to delivery.

Husband #5, an engineer, wanted years for a high-tech solution.

Husband #6, from finance, was unsure of his role.

Husband #7, a marketer, struggled with positioning.

Husband #8, a psychologist, only talked.

Husband #9, a gynecologist, just looked.

Husband #10, a stamp collector, was dearly missed.

Amidst the humorous retelling, the woman expressed her excitement about marrying a lawyer. She playfully hinted that this time, she expected to “get screwed” in a legal sense, highlighting her confidence in her new husband’s profession.

The story humorously portrays the woman’s clever response to her past experiences with her ex-husbands. It underscores the lawyer’s reputation and the commonly held stereotypes about lawyers being skilled at manipulation. The tale satirically combines professions and marital themes to create a lighthearted narrative.

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