7 Kids’ Homework Questions That Leave Adults Scratching Their Heads

Parents turned to online communities for help with their children’s perplexing homework. In one instance, a first-grade English assignment required circling photos with the same ending sound as a fish’s fin, presenting options like a hamburger bun and a spoon. Reddit users clarified that the ending sound didn’t necessarily have to rhyme with “fin.”

A kindergarten parent faced a challenge identifying a three-letter word for a picture of a rabbit with bunnies playing. A helpful Reddit user suggested the word “pet,” explaining that such worksheets aim to make the last question more challenging.

A Grade 3 math problem raised eyebrows, asking, “Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?” Users debated the fairness of the question for third-graders, suggesting answers like “Janell lost her marbles.”

A six-year-old’s homework featured a paint splatter and apples, asking, “How many apples could be covered by the paint, not exceeding 20?” Reddit users found the question confusing, with some considering it a riddle.

A challenging Singaporean math problem for grade one students was shared on Twitter, leading to bafflement. While one person solved it with a slight tweak, another math problem on Twitter involved calculating the perimeter of a shape based on another rectilinear shape’s calculations, leaving people puzzled.

The complexity continued with a math problem involving Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The question asked how long it would take 60 players to play the symphony if 120 players took 40 minutes. A Twitter user, familiar with the piece, argued the math was irrelevant, emphasizing that the symphony’s speed wasn’t solely determined by the number of musicians.

These perplexing homework challenges showcased the intricate nature of some educational tasks and the varying interpretations they could elicit from both parents and online communities.

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