16-year-old Suri Cruise Is The Perfect Blend Of Her Pops Tom Cruise And Mom Katie Holmes

You won’t believe how much Suri Cruise looks like her parents. Everyone says that the 16-year-old has indescribable similarities with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. There is nothing more beautiful for parents than watching their child grow up. This is truly a miracle. Especially these days, children seem to grow up faster.

Suri was born a few months before the couple’s wedding. They got married in 2006 and had a beautiful daughter who was the gift of their love. Tom and Katie have taken care to protect their daughter from the paparazzi. For them, the privacy of their child is very important and during this time they have taken care of the education and development of their teenage daughter.

They have often shown that they want to protect their daughter’s privacy. They even covered Suri’s face when the camera was around them. Suri is used to life’s problems and for a long time she has not appeared in public. The 16-year-old is not even found on social media.

But recently she was photographed leaving her apartment in New York. Just a few photos were enough for social media users to comment on the resemblance she has with her parents. She looks like both Tom and Katie. Suri Cruise is a very beautiful girl.

However, she and Tom are not often seen in public and according to medias, Suri does not have an easy relationship with her father. They were seen in public together in 2012. Katie also expects Tom Cruise to devote more time and attention to their daughter.

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