11-Year-Old Daughter of Brad Knighton Dies in Tragic Boating Accident: “Our Family is Still in Shock”

In a heart-wrenching tragedy, Brad Knighton and his family are left devastated by the untimely death of their 11-year-old daughter, Olivia Knighton. The young girl lost her life in a boating accident on the Intracoastal Waterway in Little River, South Carolina. The incident occurred when a 23-foot boat carrying 12 people was hit by a large wake caused by another boat, causing nine occupants, including Olivia, to be thrown overboard.

While the other eight individuals managed to escape without injury, Olivia suffered a fatal blow from the boat’s propeller. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources confirmed the details of the accident but was still investigating to gather witness statements and examine the vessel to fully understand the sequence of events.

In the wake of the tragic loss, Brad Knighton and his family released a heartrending statement expressing their profound grief and sorrow. They described Olivia as a beautiful and brilliant daughter, and her love for soccer, particularly for the New England Revolution, was evident. Olivia’s passing struck a deep chord with the soccer community, who had previously supported Brad throughout his 16-year playing career, 12 of which were spent with the Revolution.

Just seven months before the accident, Brad had retired from professional soccer and embarked on a coaching career. The support and prayers of the soccer community were now more critical than ever as the family tried to cope with their immense loss.

The New England Revolution, the team Brad had been associated with for most of his career, showed their support by holding a jersey with Olivia’s name on it and displaying her photo on the jumbotron during one of their matches. Brad was visibly moved by the gesture, responding with heartfelt emojis and messages.

Throughout his career, Brad had achieved significant milestones, becoming the club’s all-time leader in various goalkeeping categories. However, his greatest joy and strength came from knowing that his children, Olivia, Owen, and Brooks, were there, cheering him on every day.

As the family tries to come to terms with their unimaginable loss, they lean on the support of friends, family, and the soccer community. Their resilience and love for Olivia will help them find a way to navigate through the darkness and cherish the bright and pure light that was taken away from them too soon. Olivia’s memory will forever live on in their hearts, and the soccer community will continue to honor her spirit on and off the field.

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