109-Year-Old Woman Said Secret to Long Life Is Avoiding Men

People live in different ways. The way of life is thought to be the strongest reason that affects the lifespan of a person. This is the 106-year-old who tells us what are the secrets of her longevity. Not everyone lives that long.

For this reason, people are surprised when they face such cases. According to scientists, the way of eating, physical activity, way of life, spiritual condition, and work, affect the lifespan of a person.

However, for some people, it is simply written to have a long life. Susannah Mushatt Jones thinks that eating bacon made her live longer. This may be an unusual answer. However, Susannah, this is why she is 106 years old.

She is not the first elderly woman to give such an answer. Many other elderly people who have been around for many years have strange, sometimes comical answers. Jessie is another 109-year-old woman who surprised everyone with her answer.

The 109-year-old from Scotland has been part of a study on longevity and said that the reason for her great age is spiritual peace. She is always walking and listening to music. Also, she preferred to live life without too many complexes and without taking orders from anyone. So she was calm and happy.

Jessie continued her studies even though she later left school. She says that she is long because she has stayed away from men. She was happy to have stayed away from the problems and worries caused by men. She also says that she doesn’t always drink milk. She has decided to live her life by staying away from problems. Jessie lived a happy and beautiful life.

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