10 Major Health Problems That Females Usually Don’t Pay Attention To

A woman has a different life from a man. Her life is based on menstrual cycles, hormones, and other health problems that men don’t have and sometimes you can’t understand. In this article, you will read 10 problems that women always face and this has become normal. Sometimes these problems confuse women and they sometimes fail to understand if the problems they are experiencing are normal or symptoms of serious diseases.

These are the 10 major health problems that females don’t pay attention to

Acne/Pimples on the face

All women know the feeling when a new pimple appears on their faces. This is caused by hormones and diet. Sometimes girls realize that they will start menstruating when new pimples start to appear on their faces. This happens due to high levels of estrogen. This is a very normal condition for women. Also, this varies in different organisms.

Prolonged emotion/Depression.

This is also related to the onset of menstruation. The influence of hormones causes the onset of depression and stress. This causes boredom, sadness, tears, etc. Sometimes you can feel angry without understanding why.

Loss of appetite.

When women are pregnant, they start to reduce their nutrition. They lose their appetite and this is one of the other consequences of hormonal change. This loss of appetite can last temporarily or for a long time.

If your menstrual blood looks darker and clotted.

Over the years, women begin to have blood clots or darkening of it. The blood has different colors and this is normal. Some organisms produce red, brown, orange, etc. blood. These bleedings are normal. But if the blood becomes dark, this may give you a sign to visit your gynecologist.

Frequent minor hair loss.

According to the study, hair loss starts to increase after the age of 20. Do not worry because this is a normal test. But sometimes hair loss can be greater than normal. This can be caused by a high level of testosterone or by other diseases.

Do you have any of these problems?

Increasing breast size.

Blood starts to increase during menstruation and during pregnancy. In addition, the way you eat affects the size of your breasts.

Getting shorter.

A disease that occurs in women and not in men, is called osteoporosis. From this disease, women start to lose weight, but not much. This is caused by low vitamin D levels.

The side corners of your lips are very dry or chapped.

Hydrated lips cause chapped or dry lips. You should also check the level of minerals and vitamins in your body.


Women experience heartburn more than men. They feel this situation more often during menstruation. Also, stomach ailments or other abdominal pains can cause heartburn. This is normal. But if the condition becomes serious and the heart pain is constant, you should be checked by a doctor. However, heartburn is a normal process.

Pain in the lower back.

Sometimes we feel tired and this is normal to cause back pain. The onset of menstruation often causes back pain. Some women cannot move out of bed or do physical activity during these days. This is a situation that you should not worry about. If the pain continues beyond the menstrual cycle, this may be a sign of a disease that needs to be resolved quickly, such as endometriosis.

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